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42, in the first film, but due to time travel, the drunken huntsman is CONFIRMED to be over the age of 5-


General Mandible (formerly), Barbatus, Weaver, Azteca, Z, Princess Bala


Barbatus, Weaver, Azteca, Z, Princess Bala (formerly), General Mandible




Christopher Walken

"I believe that's the weak element...sir."

Colonel CutterEdit

Colonel Cutter was General Mandible's right hand man and supported him until the last moments of the movie. He is the only ant with wings. He appears to be sarcastic and ironical but in reality he has a kind heart and a sense of respect for the workers. He felt that workers should be respected because of all they can do. He felt remorse for letting the workers die and at some moments objected to Mandible's plan.

Rescuing Princess BalaEdit

After learning Z's location from Weaver, Mandible sent Colonel Cutter to bring Princess Bala back and kill Z. Colonel Cutter was also a great tracker and quickly managed to find Princess Bala alone. He kidnaps her back to the Colony but doesn't kill Z. When he brought Bala back to the Colony, he was surprised at her cruel treatment by General Mandible. But he forced his feelings down and continued with Mandible's plan.

The Flooding of Mega TunnelEdit

Moments before Mandible flooding the Mega Tunnel, Colonel Cutter began to have his doubts about the plan. He attempted to talk Mandible out of drowning the workers but after being reprimanded by the General he continued with the plan. However during Mandible's speech he began to feel remorse for the workers and when Z managed to dig to the surface he knew that the workers could do anything after seeing them build a ladder of ants. He interferes before Mandible could kill Z and assumed command after Mandible's death. He was saved by Z from being pushed over the edge into the Colony by Mandible. He rescued Z from the water and became the General after Mandible. Cutter, General Cutter.

Appearance Edit

Like many other ants, Colonel Cutter takes on an appearance that closely resembles that of a human. Unlike many other ants, Cutter's features (including his torso and his face) are given more detail to look even more closely like a human. Colonel Cutter is slender while also taking on a muscular build. Cutter also has slim arms and legs. Cutters is the only ant in the entire colony to be rendered with wings.

Personality Edit

Early in the film, Cutter is depicted as being as sarcastic, cold, and it is implied that when he's alone, he's even more cruel then Mandible. It was said by Mandible himself that Cutter was not as understanding as he was. He was shown to be be this way in his search for the princess when he had brutally beaten a bug in order to intimidate him, even when the bug tried to show hospitality. Cutter can easily strike fear into others. Although, as the film progressed, Cutter was shown to be righteous, warmhearted, and heroic. This was seen when he tried to talk Mandible out of their original plan and when he saved Z from drowning.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Intelligence - Cutter is shown to have an incredibly vast and heavy amount of intellectual capacity, and is without question the smartest ant of the entire colony.
  • Combat Skills - Cutter has expert combat skills and can take down a hefty foe without any effort whatsoever.
    • Physical Strength - Cutter has peak ant physical strength. Along with weaver, Cutter is the most strongest ant in the colony. This was shown when Cutter fought general mandible and was easily able to take him down with just one jab.
    • Speed and Reflexes - Cutter is shown to have peak ant speed and reflexes. As shown when he was quickly to take down mandible
  • Flight - Having been shown to have wings, Cutter is obviously capable of flight.
  • Tracking - Cutter has expert tracking skills, as seen when he easily able to find Bala.
    • Heightened Senses - It is possible that Cutter has keen senses, as he was able to track the princess by means of sniffing her footprints.
  • Swimming - Very unusual for an ant, Cutter has the ability to swim, and is actually shown to be great at it.
  • Time Traveling - General Cutter is seemed to have an ability to time travel. As seen in the bar scene, General Cutter is seemed to have battle scars and many other indicators of age. This implies that General Cutter has traveled through time to inform Z about Insectopia. His brain allows him to keep this information even after the cold war in Insectopia, many years later, not mentioned in the first film, but mentioned in its sequel that has now been cancelled due to economical differences. It is also mentioned in the cancelled fourth film that General Cutter dies during the Korean War, fighting his greatest enemy yet, the antagonist from the second movie, Z and Princess Bala's child, named Gertrude. The fourth film was leaked to be titled Antz 4: The Fall of General Cutter. The film was supposed to be released in 2006 but was later cancelled due to the creation of Flushed Away.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Antz coloring books and activity books, at one point, Cutter is shown grappling with the Praying Mantis.
  • General Cutter dies in the fourth film during the Korean War, fighting Gertrude, but saves Barbatus' head before his inevitable death.